Wrist Pin Cushion From Scraps and Trash

Hello everyone and welcome to my very first blog hop and contest from Arrow Sewing Cabinets! I want to thank Rebecca for helping me to dive right into this one at the last minute! She has been a tremendous help to me since I had absolutely no idea what to do…and found out about it on the deadline date!

The contest and blog hop is the “No More Tomatoes” pincushion contest. I jumped on it right away since I’d recently gotten a brainstorm for a wrist pin cushion AND my mom just got a brand new BROTHER quilting machine(which is so awesome by the way!) and I hadn’t even used it yet!

P.S. Any feedback is welcome and greatly needed on my blog. I’d appreciate all the help I can get…thanks! :)

My mother has been doing a lot of quilting lately. She was annoyed at not being able to easily access her pins so I let her use one of mine that I got from Generation-T. It’s made from a wrist band which is a little tight and not her style!


I began brainstorming on how to make one and here’s what I came up with…

What you will need:

  • plastic juice or milk bottle top for the pin cushion base
  • scrap of stretchy material for wrist band(t-shirt, fleece, sock top…)
  • scrap of material for pin cushion(felt, t-shirt, woven cotton…)
  • small wad of stuffing for pin cushion
  • needle and thread
  • rotary tool with small drill bit or hammer and large nail to punch holes in bottle top
  • hot glue
    1. For the wristband: Cut a strip of material with the stretchy grain going the right direction around your wrist to fit snugly plus about an inch on both sides to allow overlap. For the width, measure and cut 2 times wider(plus a seam allowance) than you want the finished width to be.
    2. Fold fabric in half lengthwise with right sides facing each other. Sew seam by machine or hand. Turn right side out. With seam facing inside, wrap around wrist and fit one raw end inside the other fitting snugly and pin(My mom had to do this for me!). Make sure that it’s not too snug to remove from your wrist.
    3. For the pin cushion base: Mark holes to drill through to make lid into a ‘button’ that you will sew onto the wristband. I made 2 holes, but you could make more, to ensure a more stable base. Drill or punch holes where marked.
    4. Sew lid to wristband making sure to go through all layers of material. Make sure to leave a tail of thread so that you can tie the ends together to secure after sewing on. I used craft thread and a large eyed sharp needle so that the plastic didn’t snag the thread and…you only need to go through a few times. Yes, I’m an instant gratification crafter and will skip steps whenever necessary!
    5. For the pin cushion: Using your other scrap fabric piece, draw a larger circle than your lid onto it. You can free hand this or use a template(I used a fruit cup.). Cut out and place a small wad of stuffing inside. Take a needle and thread and baste stitch around the circle edges drawing up as you go to hold the stuffing inside. Tie up the thread ends.
    6. Place hot glue around bottom inside rim of lid and in the middle and quickly squish your pin cushion into lid holding it down firmly until hot glue cools. If necessary glue down raw edges of wristband and underneath lid.
    7. Fill it with pins and needles and admire!

    Thanks for the blog hop, ARROW!

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    4 thoughts on “Wrist Pin Cushion From Scraps and Trash

    1. bethvollmom says:

      Clever, love the safety feature!

    2. admin says:

      Thanks, Beth!

    3. chastity says:

      I really like this one…its something that anyone could use..great job!

    4. admin says:

      Thanks, Chastity!

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